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elcome to Vox Ignis, a project based website created by and for Burners: the international community inspired by the Burning Man Festival.

Vox Ignis is not associated with the Burning Man organization. The only thing these entities have in common is the desire to enrich the worldwide Burner community which encompasses much more than a yearly event in the desert - it is truly an active international culture with over a million enthusiastic participants.

The pages, projects, and software tools presented here are specifically designed for Burner use. The Regional Burn Showcase and the Burner Public Library are Vox's most important active projects at the moment, but other exciting things are in development.

What's Hot In Burner News

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Project 38: “Twitterize” The Regional Burns

Everyone who messages in a Regional Burn group can get in on this one.

Project 38's goal is to get all 33 Regional Burn organizations to self-discuss and then declare Twitter hashtags for their own events. In other words, get the Regional Burn groups to decide what to call themselves on Twitter - then splash that around their own communities and watch the social magic unfold.

A few Regional Burns like Burning Seed in New South Wales, Australia include their Twitter hashtag everywhere they normally list their web and email addresses. It's easy, creates live communities around the event, has a low barrier to entry, makes new techie things possible, and lends itself to the Immediacy principle. There are several very interesting and entirely free benefits.

Progress To Date: 16 of 33 Regional Burns “Twitterized”
Project Cost: $0.00
Project Requirements: only group conversations and local decisions

MORE: Project 38

Don't Be Left In The Digital Dust

The age of your computer isn't nearly as important as the “currentness” of your Internet software.

Vox Ignis was not created for lowest-common-denominator machines (like a 1984, floppy based, low-res IBM PC/AT running DOS) - in fact the opposite is true. Vox Ignis was made to be used by modern computers with good Internet connections and up-to-date software.

At Vox Ignis we believe that Burners should push the boundaries of Internet technology as well as the boundaries of culture.

The age of your computer isn't nearly as important as the “currentness” of your Internet software. Updating to the latest FREE versions of the following software will ensure a faster and smoother browsing experience. Click for free upgrades:

Don't be left in the dust with a good computer and ancient software. Take responsibility for your digital life. Get current and surf like you camp: in modern style!

Coming Soon

Website Upgrade: Vox Ignis, Version 8.0

The Vox Ignis website is being upgraded, recoded from the ground up in HTML5 and CSS3. All major web browsers, both desktop and mobile, will continue to be supported. This will be version 8.0 in the series.

  • Enable hosting for more advanced projects already in the development
  • Improved mobile device support (laptops, tablets, phones)
  • Modern user interface and page navigation, networked widgets
  • Faster page downloads
  • Faster page rendering speeds

ONLINE TARGET: late May, 2014.

Projects On Hold

For one reason or another these efforts have hit a brick wall. Projects paused:

How To Throw A Successful Regional Burn

HTTASRB is one of the original reasons Vox Ignis was created.

This sub-project of the Burner Public Library is already popular enough to stand on its own, even before going online. HTTASRB will be a "How-To" manual, loosely organized and consisting solely of selected documents donated to the Burner Public Library. It will contain enough information for any reasonably dedicated set of Burners to start their own Regional Burn - based on the documented wisdom and experiences of those who've done it before. The result will be rather hefty since there are so many ways to accomplish the various necessary tasks. Like the library, HTTASRB will continually grow and have no completion date.

The Web-wide Burner Blogs Directory

This project is in the early Exploration phase: are there enough Burners out there blogging on a regular basis about their Burner lives to warrant a tool that finds, tracks, and lists them? Would anyone use such a directory of links on a regular basis? How many of these Burner blogs exist outside of Tribe?

Please leave some feedback so Vox Ignis can better evaluate this project's future.

Scrapped Projects

Sometimes even the most promising ideas have to be dropped in the scrap bucket. The losers:

Burner Waves

Google Wave is a free, web based application that could be described as, "document meets conversation." It's a Frankensteinish mash-up of email, chat, RSS, texting, voice transcription, message groups, and dozen other communication technologies using a simple graphical interface (screenshot at right). It's still in beta testing and no one knows quite what to make of it except that it's going to be very disruptive to several communication technologies.

Vox Ignis is very proud to have been chosen by Google as an early developer while Waves was still in alpha testing. Our proposal for development was simple: we would create a Waves-based application that would enable real-time communication, collaboration, and organization between groups of existing event organizers around the world - in essence, a highly interactive community of planners separated by great distances (enabling the enablers).

You can guess which group of event organizers Vox Ignis had in mind.

FINAL PROJECT UPDATE: Google killed the Google Wave application before it left beta testing, opting to include Wave functionality in future Google products. The Burner Waves project has been cancelled.

Vox Ignis RSS Updates

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an automated method for web surfers to receive articles, updates and notifications - and it's built into nearly all modern web browsers. RSS would be a very easy way to update Vox Ignis users about changes to this website. The dealkiller is that years after its introduction, RSS is still used by only 11% of the public (2008), most of those users being blog and news hounds.

Although it was included in the initial design, it does not make strategic sense for Vox Ignis to utilize RSS.

Mobile Device Apps For Burners (“There's an app for that.”)

Building a Burner-info application for mobile devices is a sexy idea. Unfortunately, the state of mobile device apps is in its infancy and the focus is currently on Apple products (iPhone, iPod, iPad, etc.). Apple products are extremely popular but represent only a small fraction of the world's mobile devices. At this time, to cover all the bases, multiple similar apps would need to be created for multiple mobile devices. And all those apps that do the same thing would need to be upgraded regularly.

Until the mobile market matures (one development path for most mobile devices) Vox Ignis programmers will continue to develop for the universal platform: the web.

Credits, Thanks, Shout Outs, And Kudos

Many people and groups have participated in the creation of Vox Ignis as it evolved into its present incarnation (version 7.0). We are very grateful to:

  • BROF (Burning Ring Of Fire) - The Burn event planners and organizers on the BROF Yahoo Group helped tremendously in defining Vox Ignis' initial projects. These dedicated Burners know how to organize.
  • The Regional Burn Organizers and Burning Man Regional Contacts who donated their time, thoughts, documents, and links to Vox Ignis before it ever went online.
  • The Vox Ignis Coding Crew - Vox could not exist without the dedication and donated efforts of the webheads who program, maintain, and track down information for this website.
  • Zay (Burning Man Regional Contact and Founder of Midwest Burners) - for allowing us to take the Vox Ignis newsletter concept and expand its scope in 2005. The long run to the finish line couldn't have started without Zay's open mind and encouragement.
  • The Burner Forums Software Testing Team - In 2011, these experienced forum lurkers volunteered to operationally test the new Burner Forums software. Many thanks to Dragonhide, Vespa, Show Me Mike, Straps, and Stephanie.
  • Weasel - Burner and programmer extraordinaire who acted as the perfect sounding board during the pre-plan phase. He contributed workable development timelines with realistic goals for our Coding Crew.
  • The Burner Think Tank - A diverse set of veteran Burners who volunteered their time over 2007-2008 to help shape the direction, theme, style, tone, and methods of Vox Ignis during the seventh version's planning phase. Their practical thoughts steered the next version of Vox Ignis to completion.
  • The fine people at Burning Man Headquarters - At the 2008 Regionals Summit in San Francisco they made clear their position on innovation: “If you see something that needs doing in the Burner community, stand up, take responsibility, and provide a solution.”
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